Cornwall, ON
May 5 & 6, 2018
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST, Sat & Sun

Cupping for Manual Therapists

Meet Your Instructor - Grace Nahdee
Grace Nahdee RMT, is a facilitator for The Cupping Revolution™. Her journey began when she could no longer bare watching her elderly loved ones suffer with chronic pain. It was a doctor who suggested becoming a massage therapist would best benefit her family members.

Learning to treat symptoms for a better quality of life has turned out to be a very rewarding career for Grace which is why she continues to learn and search for effective modifies to customized each client's personal treatment plan.

With over 10 years experience, Grace has earned the expertise in massage therapy with additional training in Manual Lymph Drainage, Human Kinetics, and cupping therapy. Her next goal is train other RMTs the safe way to cup so that the cupping modality receives the recognition it so deserves.
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We're going to show you...

Day 1:
• the history of cupping therapy, and its uses through the ages, and the contemporary model of cupping
• the histology of Cupping
• the physiology of why cupping works
• discussion of cupping marks, and what they mean
• indications and contraindications for cupping
• safety, cleaning and disinfection, and proper use of cupping vessels based on World Health Organization standards (also CMTO and CTCMPAO standards of practice)
• how to use both plastic and silicone cups
• learn 12 kinds of cupping
• therapeutic use for cupping

Day 2:
• touching on concepts from Traditional Chinese Medicine, related to cupping reactions, and suitability of specific cupping techniques (eg. wind, stagnation, excess, deficient, heat, cold techniques to treat common conditions joint mobilizations, dynamic movement techniques
• when to use which techniques and why
treating the fascia
• facial cupping
• treating muscle and tendon issues
• your own cupping manual
• a set of 12 silicone cups (2 of each 4 regular contour silicone cups, and 2 of each large and small facial cups)
• course certificate for CEU

- Includes a set of 12 silicone cups, 8 contour body cups, and 4 facial cups ($75 value) 
- You also receive our 70 page course manual, chocked full of information and research on cupping therapy
- Access to our private Facebook Group: The Cupping Project upon course completion, where videos of the course materials, and all teaching materials are available, as well as ongoing teaching.

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